The Rocky Shore


A little advertised attraction, The Rocky Shore at 12 Mile Bridge on the Coast Road to Punakaiki is a fabulous natural rocky shore bountiful with natural sealife.

Many large orange starfish, sea anemonies, small crabs and little fish abound in their natural and easy to explore environment.

Best viewed at low tide, this is natural attraction is only 20 minutes drive from Greymouth and can easily be fitted in during the drive to the Pancake Rocks and Blowholes up the gorgeous Coast Road.

This is a great family activity and one children particularly love!!  Don't forget to take sturdy shoes, a picnic, INSECT REPELLANT, sunscreen and the camera as the stunning scenery and rocky shore offer many photo opportunities.

Children can happily spend an entire afternoon here, so worth putting an afternoon aside for some relaxed family time.

The Rocky Shore